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Recapture your misspent youth with SATurday Graphics line of OGL products. SATurday Graphics combines modern design practices with old-school gaming sensibility to create products for gamers of any generation. Maybe you can't spend every Saturday gaming, but you can still make every game day feel like a SATurday!

Location: Ohio, United States

Steven A. Tinner is your average "too many ideas/too little money" gaming geek who finally decided to put his ideas out there and try to make a living at his hobby. He lives with a VERY understanding wife, one ginormous cat, and one squinchy cat.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Affiliate Program!

EN World has kicked off their new affiliate program!
What does this mean to you?
Simple, just go to EN World's Build Links section, select build link by publisher, select SATurday Graphics as the publisher, and copy the banner to your website or blog.
Whenever a sale results from your link, you'll get funds added to your account at EN World. Funds that you can use to buy great gaming materials, or even withdraw to a PayPal account!
So help support SATurday Graphics, and make some cash for yourself too!


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